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Business Visas

Business visas are available for those who wish to enter Australia for both temporary and permanent business purposes.

Electronic Temporary Business Visa

This visa is for people seeking to enter or remain in Australia for less than three months for legitimate business purposes. If you wish to apply for this visa please go to Electronic Visas and provide the information required.

Provisional Business Visas

These visas allow business people to enter Australia for a period of up to 4 years. During this time they are allowed to set up a new business, purchase a business or go into partnership with an existing business.

When the business is a going concern, employing Australians and able to provide financial statements, usually after at least 2 years, permanent residency can be applied for. Certain requirements must be met to attain permanent residency such as business turnover, employing staff and holding business and personal assets to meet the requirements set.

Business Talent Visa

Available to applicants who have had an overall successful business career. Applicants are required to obtain a sponsorship from the State authority in which they intend to set up their business and meet the financial requirements for the visa. The visa allows the holder to move to Australia permanently.

Investor Provisional Visas

These visas are available to applicants who have an overall successful record of investment or business activity. Applicants must have been managing their investment portfolio for at least 3 years.

Senior Executive Provisional Visas

Senior Executives of companies, which have an annual turnover of at least AU$50 million can apply for these visas. The applicant needs to have occupied a position in 1 of the 3 top levels of the management structure of the company and been responsible for strategic policy development affecting a major component of a wide range of operations of the business.


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