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Skilled Migration Update - Overseas Students

Overseas students undertaking studies in Australia after 1 July 2003 will be required to meet the 2 year study requirement being introduced from that date.

The changes, in summary, are:


Overseas students will be required to have completed at least 2 years study while physically in Australia before they qualify for additional points or the work experience exemption (overseas students studying towards a degree, diploma or trade qualification in Australia on 31 March 2003, who apply for general skilled migration before 1 April 2004, will be required to meet the current provision that requires 1 year of full time study in Australia).


The award of 5 additional points for overseas students who study and reside in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area for at least 2 years;


An increase in the points from 5 to 10 awarded for a skilled occupation on the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL) and from 10 to 15 for having a job offer in relation to an occupation on the MODL;


An increase in the points from 5 to 10 awarded for completion of an Australian upper second class Honours (or higher degree) or Masters qualification following completion of an Australian bachelor degree, both obtained while studying in Australia; and


An increase in the points awarded from 10 to 15 for completion of an Australian Doctorate with a minimum of 2 consecutive years of full time study while physically in Australia.

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