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New Visa Arrangements For Parents

A new visa scheme will be available for parents for applicants residing both in and outside of Australia.

The new contributory parent visa category will begin on:

  • 27 June 2003 for applicants residing outside Australia

  • 1 July 2003 for applicants residing in Australia

An application for this category can only be lodged on or after that time.

There are currently 500 places for parents under existing parent visa categories. Under the new arrangements, these existing parent categories will remain open and will be increased to a total program of 1,500 places in 2003-04 and 1,000 places a year thereafter. In addition, a new contributory parent category will be introduced, to allow a further 5,500 parents to migrate in 2003-04 and 3,500 places a year thereafter, on the basis of a higher health charge and Assurance of Support (AoS) bond.

There are four new parent visa subclasses:

For parents residing outside Australia:

  • Subclass 143 Contributory Parent (Migrant) visa; and

  • Subclass 173 Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa.

For parents residing in Australia:

  • Subclass 864 Contributory Aged Parent (Residence) visa; and

  • Subclass 884 Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) visa.

The threshold requirements for the new contributory parent visa categories will be substantially similar to existing parent visa categories. The key differences would be the level of the second VAC (payable before a visa is granted) and the level and duration of the AoS bond.

There would be two payment options for contributory parent visa applicants:

  1. Permanent visa: pay a A$25,000 second VAC per person ($1050 for dependents under 18); or

  2. Temporary visa: pay a A$15,000 second VAC per person (A$1050 for dependents under 18) which would entitle parents to a two-year temporary residence visa including Medicare access and work rights. During that period, parents may apply at any time for a permanent visa at which time the remaining payment of A$10,000 is required (nil for dependants under 18).

The contributory parent visa category also requires a 10-year, A$10,000 AoS bond for main applicants and A$4,000 for adult secondary applicants (for temporary visa holders, this is payable during processing of the permanent visa).

Parents of any age residing outside Australia will be able to apply but only aged parents residing in Australia will be able to apply. While it is not possible to say exactly how long processing would take, applications for the contributory parent visa categories are likely to be processed more quickly than in existing parent visa categories. There will be considerably more places available for the contributory parent visa categories each year (5,500 compared with a total 1,000 existing category places in 2003-04). This means that applicants for the contributory parent visa categories would be granted a visa more quickly than applicants for existing parent visa categories who apply at the same time.

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