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Why Use a Migration Agent?

Australian Visa Consultants Pty Ltd has a very high success rate for all categories of temporary and permanent visas. We cannot guarantee that you will get your visa using our services. However, we do guarantee that we will fully assess your information and provide you with our recommendation regarding your best options for obtaining a visa.

  • We are up to date with all changes to the migration legislation both when we give you initial advice and during the processing of your application. This allows you to make fully informed decisions at all times.

  • We will advise you of the most appropriate class of visa for you personally.

  • We will provide all application forms, explain the procedures involved and the normal time period you can expect to wait for processing the various stages of your application.

  • We will provide you with a full list of the documents and evidence required to meet your particular visa class you are applying for.

  • We will assist you through any skills recognition processes you are requested to undertake.

  • We will provide a submission addressing all the key legislation to accompany your application.

  • Australian Visa Consultants Pty Ltd is your legal representative and will advise you and represent you throughout the processing.

  • When your visa is granted we will continue to provide you with any further immigration advice you require and general advice to assist your settlement in Australia.

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